Are fashion subscription websites right for you? Your Personal Stylist

Online subscription fashion websites offer plus sizes, lingerie, sleepwear, kids and men's clothes and much more. ( and

Online subscription fashion websites offer plus sizes, lingerie, sleepwear, kids and men’s clothes and much more. ( and

The landscape of shopping changed with the advent of online shopping, which lets fashionistas shop anytime they have access to a computer.

Now even online shopping has progressed. On subscription fashion websites you answer a few questions, note your sizes and enter your payment information and boxes filled with fashions ranging from foundation garments to footwear will arrive on your doorstep monthly.

With introductory discounts and free shipping this option may sound intriguing. But buyers need to be aware of monthly charges and pay attention to customer reviews that could indicate problem areas.

Here are a few of the most popular subscription sites and the pros and cons of joining.

Offering everything from bras and underwear to lingerie, sleepwear and swimsuits, offers styles and sizes for regular and plus sizes. They have an introductory discount and offer a VIP level with pricing starting around $40.

Pros: It’s hard to drop a few hundred dollars on bras and panties all at once. This way, you build a beautiful foundation wardrobe over time.

Cons: How many swimsuits and nightgowns do you really need? I’m not sure signing up for the VIP level will pay off if you’ve had your fill in only a few months.

This site offers trendy footwear for every personal style from casual to dressy. For a monthly fee allows you to select any pair of shoe they feature in stock.

Pros: You know when you have that perfect outfit but no shoes to wear with it? This could be the solution. The styles are on point with trends and quality is decent for the price.

Cons: If you have a difficult time finding clothing that fits in retail stores, you’ll find the same to be true for this site.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own personal stylist, might be a good option for you. This site offers an extensive review of your personal preferences, your body type and your budget. For $20 a personal stylist will pull together a monthly box of five pieces of clothing or accessories that will suit your needs.

Pros: You’ll receive a personalized selection of items picked just for you and your body type with style tips on how to wear your fashions.

Cons: There have been a number of complaints online regarding the quality of the clothing and the lack of variety. “Beware, if you mention you like chevron, they’ll send you a chevron print in every box,” one complaint said.

If you have kids, you know how fast they grow. With you can receive a box of clothing each month for each of your children so they never are without a great fit and style.

Pros: With easy free returns, shopping for you kids no longer has to be stressful. They can help select what styles they like and don’t. It’s a great way for them to have ownership of their personal style.

Cons: The selection of girls clothing is fantastic. But as a mother of boys, I find the boys collection lanting better style and more options.

Why should your workout style suffer? With sporty looks on trend right now, offers a monthly delivery of workout gear and loungewear for a small monthly fee.

Pros: Who doesn’t love wearing their yoga pants all day? This site offers some rgreat styles and complete looks for your workout and lounging needs.

Cons: I’m all for a cute lounging outfit to run errands. But I don’t recommend making a full wardrobe out of this, which could be hazardous if you’re signed up for monthly delivery.

Finally an option for plus sizes! is a clothing rental service for women size 10-32. Add clothes to your “closet”, choose the plan that works best for you and receive a collection of clothing based your selections. When you’re ready, exchange them for new stylish items.

Pros: Never get bored with your wardrobe. You’ll have the flexibility to wear and exchange styles as often as you like. The fashions are flattering and trendy.

Cons: You may not be into renting clothing other people have worn. There are also complaints online regarding the efficiency of their delivery system.

This list just scratches the surface of fashion sites offering monthly membership programs. You may find such programs helpful and time saving but make sure you’re aware of the commitment and do your diligence in researching before you hand over your payment information.

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