1st Trimester Postpartum: What to Wear

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So you had a baby. Congrats. In your arms is a beautiful baby but what you’re left with in the mid body region is rarely described as beautiful and welcomed. I’m just coming out of this stage and I’ve been through it twice now. It SUCKS but I can shed some light on it for you so maybe it won’t be SO bad, ok.
You have to look at the 6 months after you had your baby as the first trimester, postpartum. First of all I don’t care who you are, your uterus is going to be swollen and large so you’re going to want garments that fit you and are comfortable around your waist. You’re not going to be sleeping much and feeling like a zombie who’s walking on cloud 9. It’s so important during this time for Mama to try and do what she can to feel pretty. Get a manicure…buy some new makeup…get your hair done. Do what you can with what you’ve got. And cut yourself some slack…you just birthed a HUMAN BEING out your body! It’s going to take some time to recover from that. Love yourself and that body for what it just did and gave you.
It’s my suggestion that for the first couple of months of your first trimester postpartum that you invest in some comfortable and cute sweats. Choose colors that flatter you and make you look more awake. AVOID black and dreary colors which will only highlight the lack of sleep and daylight you’re getting.

Choose a couple of different styles and brands. I personally got stuff at Victoria’s Secret but I also lived in items from Athleta and I LOVE the brand Sense as well.


A-line tee’s will also be your friend:) Maybe rock one of your maternity tees if they don’t completely tent you.




THIS made a HUGE difference between my first and second baby: Get some pretty nighties that make breast feeding (if you are) easy and make you feel feminine and pretty.





Now as you start to venture out and visit friends, maybe even steal a night out to dinner with your husband (if you have an AWESOME Mother or MIL who will give you a couple of hours) Then go back into your wardrobe and look at those items that you wore when you were about 12-17 weeks along. Remember, you weren’t really showing but you weren’t fitting into your ‘regular’ clothes.

You should have items like A-line blouses

These are NOT maternity. I get a maternity tee here or there and definitely nursing tanks etc. But you’re no longer pregnant and you should begin to transition OUT of maternity.

These are blouses that are cut generous around the mid-section but you can still access the boob (if need be)

Don’t be afraid to wear a silk or dry clean top OUT away from the kid. I get though that you’ll need kid friendly pieces though so:


You can find A-line knit blouses too that are machine washable but feminine and pretty…just make sure you can breast feed easily (if you are)

Don’t be afraid to spend some money on a few items. The quality will show on you and there is always resale!!




Pairing a jacket over a blouse-y top will add shape and structure to your figure.





And if you’re going blouse-y up top you want to balance with a slimmer straight pant. You don’t want to pair blousey with baggy. You’ll look like a mess.

I love jeans and chinos that have a lot of stretch to them

Remember FIT is important no matter what stage you’re in… if it doesn’t FIT you it isn’t going to FLATTER. Period.


If a button pant just isn’t comfortable then rock a knit legging and an oversized blouse with a jacket over it.





If dresses are your thing it’s a great something to throw on and look instantly put together. Just make sure you’re choosing dresses that fall out and away from the empire line of your body and AVOID anything that has alot of gathering ALL THE WAY around the dress. A little in the front is camouflaging all the way around will ad volume to your figure and you don’t want that right now:) Well ever right.

LOVE jersey knit because you have movement and you can access that boob of yours (if need be) but it can be forgiving.


As for shoes. I don’t know about you but after my first kid I had to say ‘see ya’ to heels for everyday and HELLO to the concept of ‘practical’. Practical does NOT MEAN UGLY. You can find practical that is stylish and sleek. Question yourself? Just look at the shoe and describe it…what you say, is how the shoe looks; sleek, stylish, fun, sassy vs. chunky, square, heavy, blah!



So there you have the first trimester postpartum. Stay tuned for the 2nd trimester…