2013 Fashion Trend Sneak Peak For Spring/Summer

You took your Christmas tree down, the garland and the stockings. You walk out to your mailbox and pull out three different retail catalogs featuring SPRING!!!? Is that how it happened for you because that’s what happened to me. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Spring is HERE that is, for the fashion industry. So here is a little sneak peak into what you should expect to see.

Out with the 70’s and 80’s influence and return of the 60’s and 90’s.

When it comes to color it’s going to look like a beautiful botanical garden. You’ll still see the return of the poppy red but you’ll also see, lavenders, yellows and the IT color, soft emerald. Very spring-y.







Bermuda Short

Come spring and summer you start to see more skin but when it comes to shorts this year you’ll be seeing less skin with the Bermuda short. This is silhouette is an influence of the 90’s with it’s structure but over sized feel.

To transition into your Bermuda’s pair a blazer with and lace up wedges. You can even rock some tights if you happen to live in a cooler climate.

This silhouette will work for every body type as long as you wear the right fit and you keep the length no longer than right above your knee, any longer and you’ll be rock’n a pant not a short.

If you have a smaller frame then the also trendy, more slouchy, over sized Bermuda short would work, but if you’re a larger frame you want your Bermuda”s to skim your body politely, creating a nice line.



Japanese Kimono Inspiration

How refreshing is this Kimono/Japanese trend for spring! It will give whatever you wear a great sense of drama.

If you’re an hourglass figure then you’re going to want to make sure that you find this trend with waist detail that hits you AT the tiny of your curve.

If you have more of a straight body type this trend will give you the shape you wish you were born with.

You’ll see this trend inspired in tops, dresses, skirts and accessories.

Wear a Kimono top with your favorite skinny jeans and some sandals or transition into spring with a Kimono dress worn with your tights and tall boots.

This silhouette does have a lot to it so if you have a larger frame make sure you choose a piece that is cut closer to the body so you don’t add visual weight to your frame.

60’s Vibe’n

Go mod or go home this spring! You’re going to find 60’s inspired silhouettes reflected in dresses, pants, skirts and accessories! The thing about the 60’s is, they tend to fit more stiffly so make sure that you’re choosing pieces that really skim and flatter your figure.

The shift silhouette really made an impression for this Spring and it can work for just about anyone. If you have a defined waist and large chest then make sure you choose a shift that has more structured seaming that will allow your dress to fall around your curves and not hide them.

If you have a straight figure then rock the A-line. Keep an eye on the length of your skirt then. If you’re petite then raise you hem as high as you’re comfortable or is appropriate so we can see as much leg as possible, making the most of your height.

If you’re tall then choose a piece that hits a couple of inches above your knee. You will want to be able to bend over if you need too. ha ha.

Going Floral On You

Not only are the colors of Spring and Summer going to be very botanical but so will the prints. You’re going to see floral EVERYWHERE! And it’s a very feminine floral.

When it comes to floral denim, this trend will fade so don’t invest too much. I’m not saying DON’T get them because they’d be fun to wear but just don’t drop your months budget on a pair. Now if feminine and girlie is your style then I change my tune and invest in a beautiful silk blouse or a floral flirty frock. Those are staples for the Spring and Summer.





Linked or chain jewelry will be prevalent this spring. You can make this look translate traditionally and where it with a blouse and cardigan, pencil skirt and pumps or edge it up and rock it with a leather jacket and jeans.

Make sure you’re choosing the right color metal for you. If you tend to wear more warm colors such as yellows, oranges and reds then gold will be the right tone for you but if you gravitate toward cooler colors such as blues, greens and blue/greens then silver is what will flatter you best. And yes, you want even the metal you wear to flatter you and your skin tone.




Gladiator’s up to HERE

I thought we’d seen the last of the gladiator sandal for awhile but they’ve made a quick comeback. This time though they are coming in tall and proud. You’ll find versions that are fancy and versions that are casual.

The key to this trend is FIT. Make sure that the wrapped leather around your leg fits your leg. You don’t want your shoe to look like it’s strangling your leg or like it’s trying to just hang on for dear life.

This trend may not be best if you have a very straight shapeless lower leg or if you have a VERY shapely lower leg and often find shopping for boots challenging because your calf doesn’t fit.

This style can be worn with more clean line modern styles but it is reminiscent of the boho or gypsy vibe which will sneak it’s way into summer this year so rock it with a gypsy dress too.