My (mostly) natural makeup routine

Makeup has never really been my thing.  I have never really enjoyed the process or felt passionate about makeup. What is important to me is that the makeup I choose is natural and good for me but I also want them to enhance in the most natural way possible. I don’t need to look younger, just my best at forty one.

I am really happy with the products I’m using right now and wanted to share with you in case you were looking for some direction with you makeup routine.  I thrive on referrals for just about everything.


  • Eyes
    • Eyeshadow- I Love how natural the colors are in the Shell/Malt combination-it’s great for everyday-I might get a darker contrast for a more dramatic look later: Beautycounter-Color Shade Eye Duo in Shell/Malt
    • Mascara-I love how easy this mascara goes on. It’s does in fact elongate without looking clumpy and gross and the wand is SO LONG for some reason that helps with application: Beautycounter-Lengthening Mascara
  • Eyebrows- Simply Naked Beauty Brow Magic
  • Foundation-It has taken me so long to find a foundation that felt good on my skin. This not only feels good but helps give my skin a dewy glow AND it’s a mineral foundation!! Beautycounter-Skin tint foundation in linen
  • Concealer-Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Medium 1
  • Bronzer– I LOVE how this bronzer doesn’t have any sparkle in it, I mean out skin doesn’t sparkle why would my bronzer? Beautycounter-Color Contour Matte Bronzer #1
  • Blush– I’ve been using this blush for years, it’s tried and true!! Nars Deep Throat
  • Lip– I’m so obsessed with this lip color. It matches my lip color, moisturizes my lips and stays put for longer than usual at least for the jabber-mouth:) Beautycounter-Lip Sheer in Current