2nd Trimester Postpartum: What to Wear

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Congrats! You’ve made it through the first six months of your babies life and your new adventure of being a Mother. You might be getting a little more sleep and getting out more and though (what I call) the jelly belly is gone the weight you gained may not be. Frustrating I know! Now if you’re one of those anomalies who are already back into your pre-baby jeans yay for you. This isn’t the blog for you but there are others you may get something from. For those of you that are still hanging onto that 10-15-20lbs I was right there with you. Some women’s bodies bounce back more quickly. Mine was on an 18 month course and no matter how hard I worked out or how little I ate my body was going to take 18 months to get back to where I started.

My advice to you out there who are at this stage. Do what you can to be healthy and workout. Oh and have some patience. I believe strongly that your body is on it’s own clock and if you keep trying it will go back when it’s ready. Now eating all natural ice cream three times a day vs 4 twix candy bars it’s being healthy

As for the clothes in your closet. You don’t need much but what you do get make sure it isn’t tired or ragged looking because it will just make you look tired and haggard. Not the look you’re going for. You can always resell your items when you’re done.

Here is what I think you need:

*2 pairs of jeans in a size that FITS and FLATTERS. One dark, one medium. One boyfriend or cropped (depending on what’s flattering on you. And one straight leg or boot cut.





*1 pair of black pants that FIT and FLATTER (can be cropped if it flatters your figure (https://dahlstyle.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=31&action=edit )





*1Going out blouse that makes you feel FABULOUS but isn’t overly blouse-y or baggy but FLATTERING in your midsection area.




*3 Casual but stylish tops. Can be knit or woven. They should give you some room in your lower belly region but flatter and draw attention to your empire or waist.




*Two basic tees-You may not need as much of an angle on these tee as the A-line but make sure you choose a tee that’s still flattering in your mid section.




*1 work horse dress that is stylish and can be dressed up or down. Being FUNCTIONAL





*1 Blazer-Black, Navy or Gray. This jacket must fit you perfectly! Be the right length and have enough movement to bend and pick up your peanut. Remember too…baby wipes can wipe away baby puke, snot and food without having to visit the dry cleaner after ever wear.




*1 Casual Jacket- Denim or Twill with stretch and something you LOVE to throw on with ANYTHING! Must FIT, FLATTER and this jacket will have so much FUNCTION you’ll earn every penny you pay for it.




*Some fun and sassy boots or booties that are functional- The more surface area that hits the ground the more stable the bootie. I’ve found wedges to be a go-to if you want any kind of heel. Plus it elongates which ALWAYS makes you look leaner. Hello 🙂




*Jewelry-Now that baby is old enough to teach NOT to yank on your earrings, you can start to reintroduce jewelry back into your wardrobe. This is a great way to dress up the basic tee shirts.





You’re almost there! Keep up the hard work and stay tuned for the Third Trimester Postpartum: What to Wear