Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…is coming

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So sometimes I open up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog and I don’t find much of anything I like. Other times I have half the pages dog eared. What is true though, is what I mark that I want I REALLY want and I can SEE it in my wardrobe. Example: this shoe will go with (1) this and (2) this and of course (3) this, I call it my 1:3 ratio rule. For every 1 thing you buy you should be able to see it paired with at least 3 items that already exist in your closet. THAT is what makes my purchases worth MORE than what I spend and what I save combined. So here are my picks for this year and why I chose them.

The Habitual Denim

If your anything like me, the skinny jeans trend is really starting to wear on you. I mean if I have to squeeze and jump around to get into my jeans one more time…I might… Then I saw these. You know I live in my denim and these just have SO much personality! They look kind of bad ass, which is what I like to incorporate into my look…boho, bad ass, babe. Yup that’s me (or what’s I’d describe my style to be if I was asked)

I want these because I can dress them up with a silk blouse and blazer for a night out with my hubs or I can toss on a cute tee shirt boyfriend cardigan and my converse and it becomes a casual but cool look. Versatility is a MUST in my wardrobe. I need to be able to look stylish and sassy but still scoop my little babes up and head to the park for some slides and swing fun.

Sam Edelman Petty Bootie

Yes. Leopard print obsessed I am. I don’t know maybe it’s that median of bad ass and boho that appeals to me but I find Leopard print goes with just about anything…but zebra print. Ha ha. Because I’m walking malls for a living I need flat’r shoes and these hopefully will be comfortable and fabulous.




Vince Camuto Dira Bootie

Vince, Vince, Vince. I mean how could I resist such an amazing pair of shoes! It’s the ruby color that just sucked me in. These are for when I’m NOT marathon’ing the mall but cocktail’ing it with my stylish ladies.

I can rock these with a pair of boyfriend jeans, or my new Habitual Coated Denim (at top of my list) or I have this amazing gray wool dress I can wear with it in the colder months.


Bebe Trench Coat

Ok so if you know me, you know I HATE jackets for weather. I live where it rains 9 months out of the year and I do not enjoy shopping for jackets for weather. Now in saying that..this one..doesn’t make me want to crawl in a whole. I love a good trench but the style (for me) always seems like it’s missing something. And that something might have been found in this jacket. The faux leather sleeves. I’d prefer to find one with real leather and if this doesn’t work I probably will look for one like that, but if this does…well faux leather holds up well in the wet weather doesn’t it:) And again with the bad ass appeal. The exposed zipper and leather detail gives this jacket just enough of the tough girl feel I like.

And there you have it. I could have picked so much more from the catalog but I know there will be SO MUCH MORE available once the sale starts that I kept my catalog picks to items I really want to try on and see if they work. Stay tuned. I’ll post on how they work out. Remember July 20th…start your shopping!