8 Portland Mompreneurs We Love

It is really a great honor to be featured in Red Tricycle amongst an amazing group of fellow Mompreneurs! Read why I love being a Mompreneur, and check out the rest of the talented ladies in Portland.


Share with us a little about your family.

I’m married to Shawn Dimke, my best friend and the greatest partner a momtrepreneur could have! We have two sons, August-Jack, 7 who prefers to be called ‘AJ’ and our youngest Hudson who is 4 years old. Working with women every day, I truly enjoy coming home to my little ninjas. I’ve had a great amount of success in my career but marrying my husband and being a mother to AJ and Hudson will always be the best thing I’ve ever done.

What neighborhood/suburb do you live in?

We live in North Portland in the Kenton neighborhood. We really enjoy living close to the park and near downtown Kenton where we visit local coffee shop Posie’s and breakfast at Cup and Saucer every Sunday morning.

Please give a description of your job/business … as you would describe it to a friend.

My title is Personal Stylist but I like to call myself a Style Coach. I coach women on what to wear and how to wear it with regards to their personal style, body type, lifestyle and budget.

How long have you had this position, and what did you do previously?
I started my career at Nike where I spent six years gaining a vast knowledge of product development and project management. I resigned and started DahlStyle in 2004. I’m very proud to be one of the very first personal stylists in Portland and one that survived the recession with the support and devotion of my husband.

Please describe one personal accomplishment that you are proud of.

The greatest accomplishment I have and will always have is being a mother. It’s the most difficult and rewarding job I could ever have.

Please describe one professional accomplishment that you are proud of.

In regards to being a personal stylist, I’m fortunate to feel such accomplishments often with my clients. There is nothing more rewarding for me professionally than to see the look in my clients eyes when they see themselves looking stylish and put together with their figures flattered. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with your kid(s)?

My favorite thing to do with my kids…that’s a tough question to answer without writing a book’s chapter. If I had to capture a moment, I’d say every morning when I drop my kids off at school we always make eye contact and we say “I love you always, forever and no matter what.” My oldest has grown too ‘cool’ to say that in the company of his friends so now we bump fists three times for always, forever and no matter what. It gives me great joy to share this sentiment with my boys even if we do it in our own way.

Any tips on work/life balance. (In other words, how do you DO it?)

Finding balance will always be a challenge as my ambition grows but I try every night to turn my phone off and give my children and my husband a dose of my undivided attention, yet I am learning that it’s just as important for me to give myself some undivided attention as well. Most recently I’ve found hot yoga, at Fire Light Yoga studio in North Portland, replenishing and fulfilling.