A Dalicious Coordinating Session

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Ah..my client Dale. She’s been with me since almost the beginning! Where we came from and where we’re at…it’s like night and day. We started out with boxy suits and black mock turtlenecks and now she’s my muse, seriously, her style is inspiring. Dale isn’t really my client, she’s been family for me for years now. I love our sessions because we really work not just through the outfits but through so much more. We work through the sciences of how to dress and how Dale wants her style to evolve. Here are just a few snap shots into some of the outfits we worked on. Our goal was to put together outfits that Dale hadn’t thought of. Sometimes just a new set of eyes on a closet can create more outfits than you’d ever think!

Love’n the color of the season! Check out how differently it can be rocked.










Dale found this great top on sale and we paired it with her new turquoise denim and she had these earrings that she’s been wanting to wear but couldn’t find the right outfit to do it with…we found so many I told her she couldn’t wear her earring every day:)







Dale loved this new sweatshirt we got at JCrew and I showed her how to layer it with her denim shirt but also how she can wear it with a darker denim. The key to pairing denims together is they have to contrast each other light/dark. Then we paired this necklace to give her basics more personality. She loved it!








I like to show my clients at least three new ways to wear each item they were having a difficult time coordinating. This was another outfit we put together with her new sweatshirt and denim shirt combo. check out the color blocking we did:)






We had so much fun. Playing dress up:) Her wardrobe ended up on the floor of her closet but we put together multiple outfits that Dale hadn’t thought of but most importantly we enjoyed each others company. Blessed to have her in my life.