P P P ppp..Polyvore!

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Have you discovered Polyovore yet? Ugh. It’s SO much fun! And a great way to SHOP!
Take collaging and online shopping and mix’em together. It’s the future of shopping online.
Here is just ONE way I use Polyvore…I found these booties…and bought them! Now with spring arriving I wanted to find some new pieces to pair with my wardrobe and my new shoes!

New Bootie (1)



My New Shoes 2

I found some pieces that I already HAD but then I searched out skirts and found this awesome blue skirt. Oh and then I’m obsessed with the color Coral this season so I found this beautiful coral blouse. Coordinating these pieces that I have with pieces that I want shows me HOW these pieces will integrate into my wardrobe and what they’ll actually look like.

New Shoe Outfits 3

In looking at the pieces I had with what I wanted I saw how I could coordinate some of the pieces I already have into a new outfit with my new shoes and these were all pieces I have! So you see, you can coordinate with what you have, find what want and see how it all works together. This can make your wardrobe efficient and effective! NO more buying a piece and having nothing to wear with it!