About Me

In my first childhood memories, I’m a personal stylist. As a girl, I remember sitting with my mother and collaborating on outfits. She wasn’t a model, but she definitely looked like one after getting dressed. In those early years, I learned about the power of personal style.

At Oregon State University, I studied Merchandising Management before heading off to work for Nike. After six years at Nike, I started my own business helping men and women look and feel their best. It isn’t just about the clothing. It’s about so much more.

If you look and feel fabulous on the outside, you can let go of insecurities, letting who you are and what you offer shine brighter.

Since starting DahlStyle, I’ve been KPTV’s Personal Style Editor on Good Day Oregon for over eight years. I also write the “Your Personal Stylist” column for The Oregonian. I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks with anyone eager to learn.
I understand body types from the top of your head to the shape of your feet. I understand coloring and contrast and what a significant role they play in making an impression and how you how you feel.

I’m always honored to participate in someone’s style journey. I want to give you tools that will help you feel confident in your personal style and have fun executing it.

I’m married to my best friend, and we have two young boys. I understand that style changes as life changes. As a mother, my lifestyle needs and my personal style are constantly evolving.

I’d love to get the chance to know you and work with you. Together, we can have a blast finding your personal style!