Below the knee or not…what is the right length for you?

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I’m not sure if I’m happy to see the end of the 80’s cycle or distraught to see the  70’s rearing its UGLY head AGAIN!?  There is a glamorous 70’s and fun 70’s but I’m alarmed with I see the UGLY 70’s represented on the glossy pages of the magazines…case in point, the below the knee skirt length.
The only woman who can successfully pull this length off is truly one of those ‘blow away if you sneeze’ model types.  You have to have enough height to carry that silhouette (5′ 8″ or taller) and IF you’re lucky to have that height you’d better have some great ankles to show off!
The good news is, I haven’t seen this length IN the stores yet so it may just blow over like the MC hammer pants did. Though take that example as warning…it may be back for a second go just like the MC hammer pants did and I OWN a pair! Ugh oh. wink