Consignment Style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m guessing you also have been watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and you too now have a a pile of clothes left on the floor that didn’t bring you joy. I have the perfect solution for you! Consign those unloved pieces and earn money to then purchase items that will make not only make you feel joy but will rejuvenate that paired down wardrobe. » Read the rest

Style Tips for Authentic Family Photos

In a world where every day things seem to get heavier and heavier I wanted shift my focus, my love and light, on what feeds my soul. My family.  It was time for family photos. But this time around I wanted to approach my photos a little differently. Instead of a family photo where we stand next to each other wearing some kind of uncomfortably attractive ensemble, politely smiling back at the camera, I wanted to have my family in all our uniqueness, captured in photos. » Read the rest

The Long & Short of Petite Summer Styles

I have petite clients hiring me all the time because they want to wear the latest trends they just aren’t sure how! Click on the photo ?? to watch my latest KATU Channel 2 Afternoon LIVE segment and get some helpful tips on how petites can pull off the: Light denim Jacket, High waisted, cropped pants and The Jumper!! » Read the rest

3 Portlanders worthy of Advanced Style: Your Personal Stylist

Recently I viewed “Advanced Style,” a movie produced and created by author Ari Cohen. It’s a biographical documentary celebrating the stylish lives of seven women over the age of 60 in New York.

I was so inspired I wanted to introduce you to some women living their Advanced Style in our own backyard.

to read more click here » Read the rest