BOJS: Boots Over Jeans Syndrome

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Okay ladies….this Personal Style Consultant has been stuck in a fashion rut.  Yes it too can happen to us.wink.  So in pondering what my deal is..just had a baby…still hanging on to the last 8 lbs…don’t like what’s out there…huh…what other excuse could I come up with..I realized that it was none of the above.  I mean if I don’t let YOU make excuses I certainly can’t make them for myself, right!?
Thank GOD for some of my uber stylish girlfriends who are in or were in the shoe biz cuz they informed me JUST what the issue was.  The BOJS (Boots over Jeans Syndrome).  Go to a play date with all your girlfriends or happy hour at..well any bar and you’ll see it.  EVERY woman, chick or twit will be wearing skinny jeans with boots!  It’s become the next Juicy sweat suit!  Generic, uninteresting and not original at all. But SO easy to just throw and go right!?
Well you know me…I have a boot PROBLEM but this was IT! I was feeling like I looked generic, uninteresting and completely uninspired.   But was I willing to give up my tall boots!?  Oh HELL no!  So what’s the answer?
1. Wear interesting boots that are NOT plain or uninteresting:
Kelsi Dagger CharmerCheck out the texture on this Kelsi Dagger boot!
Don’t be afraid to play with texture as a ‘story’ I do this most of the time
This is over the knee and the hardware makes this NOT boring.
Careful if you’re petite with the over the knee look.  It can make you look like your legs got cut off they stuffed you in some boots. wink.  If you must do this trend stick to at or just very over the thigh highs..
Choose a different silhouette! A booties or biker style boot can be just enough of a difference.
Or try something completely different!  This is what I’m challenging myself to do more now! Just got these…
2. Pair your boots with something different than skinny jeans!!!

Natalya Dress

Love the idea of this paired with a double wrap belt, cashmere leggings, the Lisbon oxford and a leather jacket or long gray cardi.
How great would this be with a simple tee in say raspberry (color next to your face people), denim jacket and some biker boots?
Or how about this beautiful draped skirt with gray tights and a knit roll over booties? Pair with a warm merino wool t-neck sweater in a maroon and a wool military style jacket?
It doesn’t take much change but a little tweak can be SO inspirational!!