Boots:I call them muscular you call them wide

I have a number of clients who have very muscular calves and have a hard time finding boots that fit. Frustrating I know because I’ve been a passenger on that journey and it’s sometimes NOT easy! There’s more to it than just finding a great fit. Here are some tips on what to wear and how to wear boots if you have a muscular calf.




You don’t want to wear a boot that stops or hits you right AT the wide of your calf. NOTHING should ever hit or stop at the wide of anywhere on your body unless you want to exaggerate that area.






If you have a muscular calf..for god’s sake don’t add visual volume to the curve in your ankle by wearing a slouchy boot. Forget the beautiful curve your legs naturally have, the gathered leather will just make you look like you have kankles. That is not flattering to those gorgeous gams of yours.





Keep it LONG and LEAN

Remember you are what you wear. The best kind of boot to wear if you have a muscular calf is one that shows and fits the shape of your calf (not too tight and not like you’re standing in a bucket), compliments the curve of your ankle and and hits above the widest part of you calf.






And if you want to rock an ANKLE BOOT?

Follow the same rule…Make sure you’re complimenting your ankle and I always think the same color tights or shade (meaning if the pant is dark the shoe is dark etc) of pants is the most flattering. Creates the longest visual line:)

***This is not the best option if you have shorter legs.





So here are some great options I found for you:

Cole Haan at ShopStyle


Corso Como at ShopStyle
Steve Madden at ShopStyle
Cole Haan at ShopStyle
Frye at ShopStyle

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