Cardigans: What's right for YOUR body type

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One common item I see in most every single closet I go into…the cardigan. But not all cardigans are created equal. Here are some tips on what cardigan will work best for what body type:


You want to make sure that for petites the length of your body can be seen. You don’t want to cut your body off and make your legs look shorter so keep the bottom of the cardigan at the top of your hips. If you HAVE to rock a boyfriend then just wear it open but if you’re hourglass then beware, you don’t want to lose your shape

Banana Republic at ShopStyle


Long cardigans are great for those of you that are taller than 5’8″. Why? You have the height real estate to cover it. Otherwise it will make you look short and often when something makes you look shorter, it makes you look wider.


Nordic at ShopStyle


The most important aspect of choosing a cardigan for your hourglass shape is that you DON’T loose you shape! Anything that follows the line of your body and hits anywhere but AT the widest part of your hips is great for your figure.



What you want to do when you’re pear shaped is to create balance between your upper and lower body. Do this with a boyfriend cardigan worn open so you can see the long narrow line in the from but you’re creating some balance between your shoulders and hips.


Ralph Lauren Blue Label at ShopStyle


This cardigan I’ve found to be the best for all body types. It either follows an hourglass shape or creates it. Make need to find this in a petite if you’re petite.

Banana Republic at ShopStyle


The big and bulky cardigan. These will make you look the shape they make…ewww!