Consignment Style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m guessing you also have been watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and you too now have a a pile of clothes left on the floor that didn’t bring you joy. I have the perfect solution for you! Consign those unloved pieces and earn money to then purchase items that will make not only make you feel joy but will rejuvenate that paired down wardrobe.

I headed to one of my favorite Consignment Boutiques Button locates on N Interstate ave to give you some tips on what to consign as well as how to be smart about shop consignment so you love what you buy and it loves you back.

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What to Consign:

  1. Items that are high end or designer: You want to consign pieces that were purchased from boutiques or high end retail stores. Most consignment boutiques will reject pieces that are known as “disposable clothing”
  2. Pieces that are in Good to Great condition: Knowbody wants to purchase an item that is worn out or tired no matter what the label says so if your piece is a little too worn to sell you can always donate it to great causes.
  3. On trend: Vintage is definitely a great candidate to consign but if your piece isn’t currently on trend now and isn’t quite old enough to considered vintage it might be more right for the donate pile than the sell pile.
  4. Season Appropriate: The item or items you want to sell should be season appropriate. Consignment boutiques tend to transition their seasons more to their clients needs so if it’s chilly out go ahead and bring in those sweaters. And if the cherry blossoms are starting to blood it’s the perfect time to pull together your light weight jackets to sell.
All outfits found at Button Consignment on N. Interstate ave. In Portland Oregon

How to Buy

  1. Fit: Stick to pieces that fit you. Any piece that doesn’t fit properly will not flatter you.
  2. Flatter: It’s easy to grab pieces that you want to love but if the style or color doesn’t love you back it’s not worth purchasing.
  3. Function: I cannot tell you how many times I have found a pair of Manolo Blanik pumps and wanted to buy them SO badly but I’d NEVER wear them. There’s no function for pumps in my life like ever so I’d never wear them, therefore why would I buy them? Stick to buying pieces that will have purpose in your day to day.
  4. Feel great: I’m 100% on board with Marie Kondo’s message that you shouldn’t own anything that doesn’t bring you joy so even though it might be a huge consignment score, you want to be sure it not only feels great on you but you’re so excited to wear it!
  5. Friendly: And lastly, the worst purchase you can make shopping consignment is one that isn’t friendly with the rest of your wardrobe. If you e fallen in love with a consignment find then coordinate it (in your head) with at least three different items you already own. This will ensure your purchase isn’t just a great score but it is a great buy!

Shopping consignment isn’t just great on your purse strings if you follow my tips, it’s also great for the environment. Upcycling and shopping smart can dramatically reduce the clothing waste that’s become an epidemic. So shop shop consignment, shop smart and save the world!