Coordinating Session: Melissa

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I really enjoy spending time with Melissa. She is so down to earth and authentic. We first met because she had a wardrobe filled with clothing but could never find anything to wear. When I got into her closet we found that in fact, she did have a lot of clothes but she was wearing the wrong silhouettes. Melissa is a petite medium square body this means her frame is medium and her shape is square and her height is petite. She has broad shoulders a wider rib cage but she’s very proportionate so she could pull off a number of silhouettes as long as we kept the balance. We’ve worked together for over a year now and she now has MORE than enough pieces in her closet. Melissa likes to shop with me but also on her own so we will get together every once in awhile for an hour and go over her latest purchases or coordinate what we found in one of our Personal Shopping sessions.

This particular session was a Coordinating Session (hourly rate). Melissa had bought a few new pieces and wanted to make sure that they were okay and that they coordinated well in her closet. She’s become skilled at knowing what silhouettes to buy but she still struggles with coordinating outfits.

Most of her purchases were right on and they coordinated into a number of outfits. We worked with a few pieces that she’s had for awhile but was stuck on how to wear them in NEW ways. Melissa also had a business trip coming up so we coordinated some travel savvy outfits. Packing will be a breeze for her now. In total I came up with 20+ outfits in about an hour. Here are just a few pictures of what we pulled together.


This Chevron stripe dress was a great new buy but it was a little busy on it’s own so we paired a black leather wrap belt with it and this awesome cardigan that she was having a difficult time coordinating.


This Pendleton wool dress was a purchase from one of our Personal Shopping sessions as was this plum colored sweater. Melissa was having a difficult time finding new ways to wear this dress. I paired this sweater with it because is dressed down the look for everyday and the color really added to the outfit and to Melissa’s coloring. I suggested that she wear the sweater open, creating a narrow uninterrupted line, that is slimming.



This jacket and blouse were pieces Melissa already owned but she was having a difficult time finding NEW ways to wear them. I pulled these two items together and there you had it, a whole new outfit that incorporated two pieces she wanted to be wearing!


Being that Melissa has a casual lifestyle it’s easy to fall into the tall boot trap. Wearing your knee high boots with EVERYTHING. Here we paired that same blouse with one of her jersey knit cardigans. This time instead of tall boots I challenged Melissa to wear her new suede ankle boots that she was having a difficult time pairing. Now she can refer back to this photo and know that her outfit Flatters!

Our session concluded with a list of items that she can look for on her next shopping trip or to hint to her husband for Christmas:)