DahlStyle Gift Guide for your Fasionista

Raw Earth Wild Sky Tee’s


I have yet to find a long sleeve tee shirt that fits and flatters better than the Raw Earth Wild Sky Tee which you can find in downtown Portland at Radish Underground. They are cut in a way that’s so flattering to a woman’s figure but allows room around the midsection so you’re not fighting a clinging situation. Plus the colors are so interesting. Nothing basic about this tee and one your admirer of comfort AND style would appreciate.


Preloved ‘Grandpa Cardigan”

Every lover of fashion appreciates a one-of-a-kind piece. Anything you find under the ‘Preloved’ label also found at Radish Underground, will be just that, original. The designers at Preloved create each garment using reclaimed vintage sweaters combined with deadstock or overrun materials to create and curate not just a unique piece but one that will compliment anyone’s wardrobe and personal style.




Sorel Boots

Fashionable can be functional and in the Pacific Northwest you know staying warm and dry is a necessity. In recent years Sorel has designed not only the most stylish weather-proof footwear but they are also incredibly comfortable. I find myself buying a new pair every winter, not because I need it but because I want it. I’m certain your footwear fanatic would love them just as much.


Llana Frye Saddlebag


I have one weakness, Frye. Whether it’s a boot or a handbag the Frye company does not slack on quality which has been personally tested in my own wardrobe. I am not easy on my shoes and handbags but my Frye pieces have withstood time, trends and lets face it, me. I am currently obsessed with the Llana Frye Saddlebag found at Shop Adorn. The brass hardware is substantial and perfectly brushed while the leather is thick and soft. The magnetic closure makes it easy to get into and the style is timeless but so on trend. It’s the perfect size to add to anyone’s handbag collection.


Grayling Minimal Studs


Jewelry can be really personal, it’s hard to know what someone might like or dislike. I can tell you though with certainty most fashionistas love a great minimal stud earring. It’s one of those items you always wear whether you’re dressing up or going casual.

I personally love the locally found Grayling Minimal Stud collection that gives you three styles offered in silver and gold. It would be a foolproof gift and makes for a great stocking stuffer.


Seek and Swoon

 Maybe your fashionista isn’t just a wardrobe shopper but a lover of everything interiors. If that’s the case I have THE throw they should own! Seek and Swoon throws are made of recycled cotton yarn that is repurposed from apparel factories cutting room floors. They are made in the USA and locally owned. The designs are minimal and modern and work with anyone’s interior style. My family fights so much over who’s going to snuggle with them I had to buy two! This will be a win win for anyone you gift, especially if you pick one up for yourself.


Wishing you a fabulous and fashionable holiday season. Now get to that shopping and enjoy!