Fall Layering

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I ‘heart’ Sloan Boutique, you all know. You can find ‘on trend’, age appropriate and affordable pieces there. Plus you’ll encounter sales specialists who actually understand body types and how to creatively coordinate ensembles so your buying functional pieces. Plus its like shopping with your girlfriends even if you come alone.

Here the girls have demonstrated how to layer pieces so they Flatter your figure.

The key to layering is to make sure that no one piece competes with the other and combined they don’t add bulk or change your silhouette (outside line of your clothes) to NOT flatter your figure.
Fall layering! Jack princess coat $89 over Kensie fairisle as... on Twitpic

*They started out with the Lush hi-lo hem tunic $55 that gives your look some real interest. How cool is the shorter hem in the front and the long in the back.

*Then they added some shape and color with the Kensie fair isle asymmetric open cardi $88. The asymmetric cardi over the more square tunic gives your look some dimension but isn’t adding bulk.

*Last they added the Jack princess coat $89 over the Kensie Fair isle cardi to give the look a little structure but it’s still ‘soft’ looking so it works with the under layers.

*Notice that the jacket, fair isle cardi and the front of the tunic all hit in the same place. It’s good to do this if you’re wearing multiple 3 or more) layers. It gives the look unity. Otherwise your layered look can look a little ‘hobo-ish’.

This look is fantastic! To buy it for yourself visit Sloan Boutique at:

738 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210-3211

(503) 222-6666
Or visit their site: Sloan Boutique