Fall weather scarf tutorial

I don’t know about you but I have not quite adjusted to our new cooler fall temperatures!  To help you stay a little warmer I want to share with you my favorite scarf knot.

Now you know me, I’m not going to just give you the tutorial on how to tie a scarf but also tips on just what scarves you should be wearing.

There are three factors to consider when selecting the proper scarf for your neck:

  1. The color– You want the color to flatter you not fade you.
  2. The purpose– If you’re only needing warmth from your scarf and you plan on only wearing it out in the weather elements then choose something that’s got a little bulk to it, but if you’re wanting to wear it inside and out you’ll want a fabric that’s still warm but a little lighter so you don’t over heat indoors.
  3. Size does matter– You don’t want your scarf to overwhelm you. There are a lot of very large and grand scarves for sale right now but if you can’t wrap it around your neck and shoulders without looking like you’re being consumed you should select a smaller version.

The lovely scarf I used in this tutorial is a cashmere blend. It’s so yummy and soft and can be found at Adorn.