Faux Fur…How to Rock it…and how NOT!

Faux fur is super duper hot right now. You see it in everything! Handbags, shoes, sweaters, coats. Very on trend. What does this mean for you…it means that IF you love fur and like the look of fur then this trend can be something that you should rock. What it doesn’t mean is that because it’s a trend you SHOULD wear it. Nothing less stylish than someone wearing something only because it’s a trend.

Now IF you want to rock your faux fur here are some tips…

Just because it IS faux doesn’t mean it should look faux!

It should look and feel real. Almost so much so that you wonder if it’s faux or real.








Beware of being mistaken for the actual beast you’re trying to wear.

I’m all about a fur coat and I love something that stands out but for everyday use and for your personal style be aware of the impression that you’re making vs. the impression you want to be making.







Unless you’re into the daring side of fashion..don’t mix your animal prints.

This look can be pulled off if you’re wanting to really make a statement, however, if done wrong, it can look really cheap and inexpensive. Not that I’m about being safe all the time but in this case fur can make such a statement playing it safe can still be so very unique and stylish.







Don’t lose that SHAPE girlfriend!

Fur, being a texture, will add visual weight to your frame so pairing a belt or choosing a piece that has shape built in to it will do you and your figure all kinds of favors.