First Date: What three things to consider

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The first date can be nerve racking for so many reasons; lets take one worry away and discuss how to easily find what to wear.

First impressions are lasting: This is the first time you’re going to meet or spend time with your date so it’s up to you on what kind of impression you want to make. You are what you wear so choose carefully.

You don’t want to look too conservative or trashy for that matter. An open neckline will allow you to put forth a welcoming, open impression but cleavage might send the wrong first impression.

Fit is important, you want your clothes to fit your figure but not hang on for dear life. It’s important to show your shape without exploiting anything. Let your personality be the stand out.

Function: Take into consideration what you’ll be doing for your date and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. If you’re off for a bike ride, wearing a short skirt won’t function thus causing conflict during your date. You don’t want any distractions from getting to know eachother.

Flatter: You may find the right fitting outfit that functions well for your activity but there will be no great effect if you aren’t wearing colors and styles that flatter you. Color is so powerful. It can make the colors in your eyes pop and the blush in your cheeks glow. You want the attention to go to you, not what you’re wearing, but if you don’t wear styles that compliment you, you’re not going to get any attention at all.

Avoid bold prints or trying new silhouettes or trends and stick to your favorite colors and styles that make you feel sassy and confident. That energy will shine through making a great impression no matter whether you make a love connection or not.