How to ROCK the latest colored pants…

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Ok when colored denim were ‘in’ in my day they were the color of Skittles and in an acid wash finish. Thank god, even though you can find that version, there is a more subdued and mellow version offered for those of us that have ‘been there and done that”.

What I like about colored pants is, it offers those of us who prefer a pant over a skirt or dress, other options other than the blue or black denim we wear every to every other day. Keep that wrapped package ever changing!

Here are my top 5 tips to wearing colored pants:

1. FIT is the most important: If you’re going to wear a color that will draw attention to that area…you want to make sure that they FIT really well.

2. Choose a color that will ‘go with’ the colors you’re most drawn to. Example: If you like warm colors and they flatter, than choose a plum pant but if you’re totally into cool tones than rock a pair of tomato red pants.

3.Don’t be afraid to pair other colors with your pants. One tip that can help you is, if you’re wearing more than three colors (non neutral) than ground it with ONE neutral (cream, navy, black, brown etc) a cardigan, shoe, belt. This neutral will neutralize the rainbow effect you might having going on.

4. Don’t be afraid of mixing color with texture. Just because you’re rocking some color doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or couldn’t pair a fuzzy wool sweater or silk blouse with it! This can actually just make you’re look even MORE stylish and interesting!

5. Bow on the package! Don’t let your colored pants be THE whole story in your outfit. Rock some great patterned shoes or a bold earring!

Here are a couple of suggestions. You can click on the photo to get more detail on how to buy the items…