Scarves; What to Wear and How to Wear Them

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No matter what the season, scarves are always in fashion! Learn how to choose a scarf based on your neckline. Check out these style tips.

What are your favorite ways to wear a scarf? Let me know and send a photo!

Video Transcript For How To Wear Scarves

Kim: Alright no matter what the season scarfs are a must have fashion accessory, but with so many styles and so many ways to wear them how do you pull off the look. Our style expert Sara Dalquist is here to show us the way and this is a trend that has been around for a while. So many women are wearing these. Let’s first of all tell people the difference between a winter scarf and a spring scarf.

Sara: A winter Scarf is something that is heavier, wool, cashmere, something that is a little bit more denser of a knit.

Kim: Okay

Sara: A summer scarf is going to be more airy, light, a little brighter in color.

Kim: Okay

Sara: So yeah, that’s the difference.

Kim: Now let me ask you because we do have cooler temperatures this time of year. Not necessarily to keep you warm right? Is this more of a fashion accessory now?

Sara: It’s both; actually a silk scarf can keep you both warm and be appropriate for spring and summer as well as a Gos Scarf. I wear these scarfs just with my tank tops and t-shirts in the spring to keep me more warm as well as put the “bow in the package”.

Kim: Alright and there’s so many different ways to wear a scarf.

Sara: There are.

Kim: Possibilities are endless, but let’s first of all before we go any further about the different ways to wear them is what we need to know depending on our height.

Sara: Yes

Kim: And our neckline.

Sara: And your neckline, neckline is so important. If you have a short neck you want to make sure that you keep your scarfs a little bit more open and you see more skin.

Kim: Right here, okay.

Sara: Yeah, and then if you’ve got a long neck like I do, a giraffe neck, you can wrap that thing around as many times as you want, and you can really decorate how long your neck is.

Kim: Okay, now if you are wearing a scarf, can you also wear jewelry?

Sara: Yes

Kim: And not just about earrings, but I’m talking about a necklace?

Sara: Yes, you just want to make sure that you aren’t competing against each other. If your eyes going down to the necklace to the scarf, necklace to the scarf they’re competing against each other, but you can wear really great pearl necklace with pretty much any scarf that you want to.

Kim: Okay so you just have to do it the right way. Show us how to wear these, because there are different ways to put them on.

Sara: There are different ways. So I have a scarf on right now, it’s just a beautiful Gos color or Gosy in texture.

Kim: Yeah it’s beautiful in color too.

Sara: Thank you, you want to make sure that you’re wearing colors that compliment next to your face or you’re doing yourself a complete disservice, so the point is compliment your face. This is just simply draped around my shoulder and around my coat.

Kim: Very simple.

Sara: But you could just wrap a scarf around your neck very easy. It’s very important though to make sure the length of the scarf in proportion to your body. If you’re a petite woman, you do not want a scarf that’s hanging down around your knees.

Kim: Okay

Sara: You want to make sure it’s about mid-thigh no longer if it’s just draping like this.

Kim: It’s good to know that they come in different lengths too.

Sara: Oh they do.

Kim: Because I don’t think a lot of people realize.

Sara: Different lengths and different widths too. If you are small in stature you want to make sure you don’t have a scarf that is too—too wide and too full.

Kim: Okay so really take the time to stand in front of a mirror when you’re purchasing it.

Sara: Yes, absolutely, or wrap it around your neck and do different things with it to see how it works and play with it a little bit.

Kim: Absolutely and while you may like it off the rack, when it comes to color and style and the size you really need to be honest with yourself.

Sara: You absolutely have to be honest with yourself.

Kim: Okay

Sara: So here’s one where we are tying one of these more full scarfs, this very Gosy scarf. You hang it around the back of your—or the front of your neck, bring the front around, then the other side around and you can tie this. You can leave it loose, if it’s something that you can wrap around your neck—

Kim: If you have the giraffe neck is that what you’re saying?

Sara: If you have the giraffe neck you can pull that in tighter.

Kim: Beautiful

Sara: If you want to show a little bit more decollate, make it more loose, so that’s the way you can tie one of these, and these are really big and kind of cumbersome.

Kim: Okay

Sara: This is a great pop up color and I love using silk scarfs.

Kim: I like the silk, yes.

Sara: Yeah, so here we go. We’re going to be doing kind of a Q hole, shape.

Kim: Okay

Sara: We’re going to drape that around the neck here. We are going to have two sides, one side we’re going to drape inside the Q hole.

Kim: Okay

Sara: Under, the other one we’re going to go over the Q hole, and through, and then pull and tie it.

Kim: Great a couple of options there, and I love this Sara because this is something that you can wear with jeans, you can dress it down, you can dress it up. The possibilities are endless.

Sara: The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Kim: And there are so many designs, we have the fringe one here, you can put two together. Just make sure you are like we said are honest with yourself and you do the right thing as far as getting the right color and that.

Sara: Yes absolutely.

Kim: Thank you so much always nice to have you here. Andy?

Andy: Thanks Kim.

[End of Audio]