I lost 50lbs of hair

I’ve recently gone through a Personal Style Renovation. I had been feeling stagnant and rather ho-hum about my style. I felt like the person I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect who I felt like on the inside. That disconnect was unnerving to me, especially considering what I DO for a living…right!?










So what did I do? I cut my hair off. I mean I CUT MY HAIR OFF…all off. I had talked about having short sassy hair for a long time and I decided one day, I wasn’t the kind of woman who was going to talk about doing something I was a DO-ER so I just did it. I’d seen Jenna Elfman’s haircut and fell in love. THAT was how I wanted to look. Sassy, edgy, daring. So I got Pinterest obsessed and pinned ever Jenna hair picture I could find. Every night I would look at them and think, yup I really do want this. I wasn’t going to jump out of an airplane for a thrill I was going to cut all my hair off. So…










I cut my own pony tail off and I literally felt like I was cutting a 50lb weight off my head. It felt so good I giggled and got teary. Tears of relief. I hadn’t realized how much baggage my hair had been holding on to until that moment it disconnected from my self and sat, in my hand staring back at me. LIBERATING is how it felt.

Now not everyone loved/loves my new short do. I’ve had a number of people not even be able to look me in the eye at first introduction to my new look. YES, I know. It was a great test of my esteem but I tell you. I LOVE IT! I feel like the person I felt I was on the inside just on the outside now too. My personal style has really taken the edgier turn I wanted it to take and I have such confidence. Not just because I think I look great but because I WAS the chick who didn’t just talk about it I f’n did it! I haven’t had even a second of regret. I love this version of me. It will evolve as we all do, it’s called being human. But this really feels like me now and I’m having SO much fun being this me.