I play by YOUR rules!

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Yes, fit can have some rules but rules were made to be broken right!:) When I sit and meet with my clients I take in much more than what meets the eye. I listen, because personal style is just that, personal. I know what’s going to look good on your figure, what colors are going to flatter your skin tone and what accessories are going pull your look together but it’s YOU who dictates to me what YOUR likes and dislikes are. What YOUR lifestyle needs are what kind of style YOU’RE looking for!

I recently had a client who told me, no buttons, no snaps, no collars, nothing stiff, no quilting, no cardigans, no heels above 2″. And you know what. I listened. We shopped and found pieces that had NONE of the above but that flattered her petite figure, created and showed off her waist, took attention away from her ta ta’s and drew the focus to her total awesome-ness. I drew inspiration from her impeccably decorated, contemporary and creative home style and we together found pieces that we can build from. She learned that yes, she can wear a skinny and though she loves black and gray, color is her friend!

I just wanted to share a few of the looks we came up with:


Now she has a style and options in her closet that fit her comfort levels, her lifestyle needs, environments needs and style aesthetic. This is the beginning of our journey together and I’m so excited for our future. I’m seeing a skirt or two and definitely a dress!