Inspiration Catalog

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Because of what I do for a living (Fashion Consultant) I have to subscribe to MANY magazines.  At any given time I have about 20 sitting around.  My husband started getting really irritated so I started ripping out the pictures of things that I liked and then putting them in plastic pockets and again in binders that were pretty that I could put on the book shelf.  Sometimes I’d find nothing to pull from a magazine and other times I was pulling something from every other page. I was starting to develop my own ‘magazine’  of just things I liked. What I noticed is that I would not only refer to these pictures for reference for work but I’d refer to them also as personal inspiration of what to wear and how.  Even Fashion Consultants need inspiration. And so the Inspiration Catalog was born.

It’s something I highly recommend my clients do because it’s a way of gaining knowledge of how to pair things differently than you’d usually do. You can also easily start to develop what YOUR personal style is this way.  I refer often to my inspiration catalog if I’m stuck on what to wear or if I know something is missing from my wardrobe but I just don’t know what. 

All you need are clippings from catalogs and magazines of things you like (it could be a color, texture, accessory, product, tutorial), plastic pocket covers and a 3 ring binder. I’ve attached a picture of my own so you can get an idea.

Start your own and let me know how it inspires you!