It's Labor Day Weekend and my Hubs has hid my wallet!

Being that it’s Labor Day weekend there isn’t really a boutique out there that won’t be having some kind of sale on their summer merchandise and if you’re lucky even some early fall pieces but this sidewalk sale is one you won’t want to miss! We’re talking 25 stores with up to 80% off their merchandise! That just might make up for our late summer arrival! I’m taking the weekend off from work but that doesn’t mean you may not see me doing some shopping for myself…that is if I can find where my husband has hid my wallet. Bullocks!






Thanks to Mabel & Zora for the ‘heads up’

REMEMBER, there is NO such thing as a SCREAM’N DEAL if it doesn’t:



Have FUNCTION in your lifestyle

and make you:


** Oh and whatever piece you get, you should be able to visualize it making THREE outfits with your EXISTING wardrobe!