It’s not just a suit, it’s an experience: Your Personal Stylist

Custom Tailored Suit

A custom handmade suit from Wildwood Bespoke is tailored to your measurements. (Photos: Wildwood Bespoke)


What you wear can speak volumes about you. This rings especially true with a man’s suit. The right suit can announce your personality, status, and ambition. Imagine the power of a suit in the latest style, made just for you and locally constructed with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Wildwood Bespoke, located in the Hamilton building downtown Portland can provide a truly custom suit and an experience that will bring you back to a time when suit making was an art form.

The tailoring at Wildwood is derived from handmade paper patterns made from your measurements. Everything from fittings to construction is done in house.

Proprietor, Joseph Mueller says there are four pillars to be familiar with when pursuing the perfect suit.

First are the materials. You can construct an impeccable suit, but if it’s not made of the right material, it will never drape or wear as it should.

“The material should reflect the environment, weather, and intended use of the garment,” Mueller says. “For the vast majority in the Pacific Northwest, that means wool” is the preferred choice.

Fit, fit, fit! “If something fits well it will wear well. The most common mistake a gentleman makes in buying a suit off the rack is they buy too big, especially in the shoulders.”

In general men seem to buy large based on the need for comfort and mobility. However you can find the same comfort and ease of movement when a suit is tailored to your measurements. At Wildwood, they follow up your initial fitting with two more fittings to ensure that the fit is dialed to perfection.

That brings us to the style, which can also influence the appeal of a suit. Sure there are trends in menswear, but like everything else, styles change. Right now the trends point toward shorter suit hems. At Wildwood Bespoke they support trying the trends, however, they’ll leave a generous amount in the hem so there’s room to let it out if needed.

It’s this forward thinking as well as the attention to construction that differentiates Wildwood Bespoke. “It’s the guts of the suit which sets it apart” Mueller says.

For example, Wildwood uses horsehair canvas interfacing “which provides structure and flexibility, allowing the jackets to form to the body over time. It’s more durable than fusible (glue) which is more likely to break down or warp over time due to wear and dry cleaning,” Mueller says.

Wildwood & Company also has beautifully curated artwork, custom made knives and handmade sweaters. But don’t leave without scheduling an appointment to visit the back room where you can lounge on the leather tufted couch and have a scotch while you select the materials, fit and style of your one-of-a-kind suit made solely for you.

It will be an experience you’ll never forget.