Long hair? Change it UP…or down…

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Long hair. Ahhh women with short hair may envy those with long locks.  Those of us WITH long locks…we know the truth.  We grew it long so we could throw it back in a ponytail everyday for the easy of a low maintenance style.  The deal is, your missing out on the opportunity to use your HAIR as an accessory.  And it’s alot less expensive than that  Marc Jacobs bag (I’ve been sweating) to update your outfit/look.  Here are are a couple of suggestions.

Hollywood Wave

What a great and glamorous look for a special occasion. Maybe a holiday party or even a date night. Just roll your hair up in curlers and when they’re cool let them out and brush out your hair, smooth it over and maybe use a fine hairspray to keep it in place (not too much, you want movement)


A loose Chignon can be worn for dressy or even casual occasions.  Put your hair in a loose ponytail and the nap of your neck and then twirl the tail part into a loose bun and fasten with bobby pins.  It seriously takes 30 seconds and is SO stylish! Make sure you have a hair fastner and bobby pins that match your hair color.


If you were like me and you learned to braid hair on your barbie doll then you know how to braid your own hair.  It’s SO easy to do and you can braid your hair in so many way.  In front on both or either side.  It’s a great way to pull your hair away from your face which gives you a friendly and approachable energy.
If you don’t know how to braid, call your buddy who does to come over and braid for you over a glass of wine.  It’s amazing what I’ll do for a glass of wine with my chicas:)

Side Pony

I mean how easy is this! Just put in a pony at the nap of your neck but a little to the side.  If I have time I’ll even throw in my curling iron on the tail part for a second to give it a little finished look.

Hair Accessory

And easiest of all, throw in a hair accessory!  A headband, comb, barret or even a decorative bobby pin. So easy with such a BIG impact! Make sure that your hair accessory matches your hair. If it’s fancy make sure you’ve got your hair combed and curled but if it’s more casual than so can your hair be.