Look like YOU!

I was recently asked ‘What do you feel is the difference between Fashion and Style’ and my response was ” Fashion is what we use to create your Style” Which brings me to my topic today…Personal Style, what does that mean?








I’ve had a client or two of mine recently who knew of someone who worked with or they directly worked with another Style Consultant and their complaint was that what they were suggested to buy was the same look that everyone else was out buying and it didn’t really represent who they were and their personalities.

It intrigued me since I thoroughly enjoy the process of working with my clients to really find what that style is and nurture and grow it…then tweak it as it evolves which is what happens. With the exception of the woman you see still wearing ‘claw’ bangs and ‘mom’ jeans, they may not get the evolving thing.





Now mind you, there is a need for Nordstrom, Ann Taylor and Loft, Banana Republic even, if you can find pants and tops that FIT you there. And you can find great outfits there as well. My point is IF you DON’T want to look like everyone else..then, don’t just shop where everyone else does.

Your style should reflect who you are, how friendly (or not) you are, how serious or gregarious you may be. It should reflect what your lifestyle is like. But most importantly is should reflect how amazing and beautiful you are in the way YOU want it reflected.








Everyday we wake up and we can be whoever we want to be and it’s the same with your style. You can wake up tomorrow and decide you want your style to reflect more of your personality through color and pattern or you want your style to be more sophisticated and refined. Whatever it is, you CAN find it and wear it, but it MUST feel like YOU, not like you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

So how do you go about making sure your look is unique and original but still shop at the places where you can find things that FIT? You make sure that you choose accessories or ways of wearing your pieces in ways that are unique and original. I also HIGHLY suggest that you shop in MANY different locations. You can find your pants and tops that fit you well at your favorite store but try to venture out to a boutique and find yourself a purse or scarf that you can’t find at Nordies or Macy’s. Take a stroll down NW 23rd and maybe you’ll find a great jacket that fits you beautifully that you can wear with your sheath dress. Do some online shopping at the MILLIONS of online stores and find yourself some jewelry that you just LOVE, that speaks to you and wear that with a tee shirt, your favorite jeans and some simple flats. That one piece of jewelry will make a HUGE statement about what your style is.








And if you aren’t quite sure what your style is…try posting pictures of any outfits you like on a ‘Style Board’ on www.pinterest.com and go back and look through them one day, later. It will really shed some light on what your style is and could be.

Good luck and let me know if you need any help. You know where to find me.