Peek into my shopping bag…some bargain shopping…

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Just dropped into Buffalo Exchange and Target the other day on a ‘Me Time’ break from the kids and found some cute things! Check ’em out…

Like my lack of will power with boots, I have a serious weakness for anything chevron stripe. I want them in my home, on my clothes. Maybe I should shave them onto the sides of my kids heads….I digress….
When I saw this top I loved it! Especially how it kind of wanted to drape off one of my shoulders. Made me feel kind of sexy but still classy.
I’ll wear this with my American Apparel knit pants that are, yes, MC hammer-ish.  Or I’ll rock it with my high waist bell jeans and my black and wood platform sandals….hmmm
I’ll also like this with just my cut off jeans and some black gladiators.
YES that IS three outfits…so it IS worth the $19!

Isn’t this pendant SO cool! My nanny saw an owl. I saw wings but taking another look I see two birds.  I LOVE that it seems like something different to whomever is checking it out.  I’m going to have to hit up a bead store to find the right beads to make this into a necklace. Though, that will require having the time to make it…stay tuned.

$16 1/2 off so $8

When I saw this clutch it screamed Roman Holiday to me for some reason and then when I looked inside I saw it was vintage and made in Italy. Not far off eh?  LOVE the texture, the size..I’ll be wearing this with just a tee and jeans…or maybe a maxi sundress…or I just rediscovered an old black crepe Jcrew dress I had hidden away…SO many things to wear with it….not enough days. wink.


Then I hit Target just because I love to dink around in there when I can. I’m usually running in to grab diapers and self tanner but this day..this day I had time on my side and I found these.  Do you see the chevron stripe?  Ugh I tell you..I need therapy! I think these would look great with my new top from Buffalo!

So I hope I proved that you can find some really cool and original pieces out there without having to spend a fortune! Happy Shopping.  Share with me YOUR finds!