Pencil Skirts: Who and How

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The pencil skirt is such a classic. Wear it to the play date, office, or on date night. Not sure how YOU should wear one? Here are some tips.


Are you Long Bodied/Short Legs? The goal here is to then elongate your shorter legs and shorten your long body. We can do this by wearing a longer lower half and a shorter top half.

  • Wear your skirt on or high on the waist.
  • Tuck in your tops to use the full length of your skirt so your legs look as long as were the skirt hits on your waist down.
  • Adding a belt at the break between your top and skirt will just add visual attention right were you want it. High on the waist.
  • Try not to wear your skirt longer than mid-knee





If you want to wear a blouse or top out then a belt worn at the tiny of your waist will do the trick of drawing the eye up. This will make your legs look as long as were your belt is, down.








If you’re Short Bodied/Long leg then the goal is to elongate your body and because you have long legs, it’s okay to take some of this real estate to accomplish this.

Wear tops and blouses out NOT tucked in. This will give the illusion that your body is longer. As long as the length of your top.








If you’re petite (Shorter than 5’5″) than I’d recommend you wear your skirts above your knee. This will show more leg which will make you look taller:)





I’ve done some shopping and coordinating for you below. Let me know if you have any questions on pencil skirts. Cheers!

Pencil Skirts: Who and How