Planes, Trains and Cashmere

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So I’ve been hired to travel up to Seattle to do a Closet Consultation and some coordinating for a clients up coming trip.  I’ll be traveling by train three and half hours up and the three and half back.  It got me thinking about what I was going to wear.  I need to look professional, stylish,  but for me, I HAVE to be comfortable.  So what am I considering…

Jersey Knit– The BEST fabric for travel…it’s comfortable, flattering and can be dressed up with a pump and blazer or down with some flat sandals or even flip flops.

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Faux Wrap Jersey Shirtdress Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique $148

Blazers with STRETCH!- The stretch is the most important.  The lycra or stretch in your jacket will allow for movement but it also helps with decreasing wrinkles.
Dark fabrics hide wrinkles as well.
Choose light weight and breathable fabrics.
I HEART Theory. I KNOW it’s spendy but you’ll wear this jacket AT LEAST once a week. 
FIT is so important! Should fit like a glove but feel like a sweatshirt

Theory Navy Blazer $375

Cashmere Wrap– Adds a sense or drama and chic-ness to any outfit but also is functional! Unwrap it and throw it over your legs to keep you warm.
Remember to choose a color that flatters you! Biggest mistake people make is to choose a color they like but may not be flattering.
Neutrals are SO versatile!

Americale Cashmere Wrap $63 SALE

Dr. Scholls for Her Fast Flats– Ditch the pumps for at least a bit. A great item to have in your purse to wear while you’re en route.