Pose'n at the Beach

Packed up the boys and headed off to the beach this weekend. I had about 5 seconds to pack…Mama’s are always last right and come on, it’s the Oregon Coast…it’s going to be cold and 95% of everyone will be wearing hoodies but you know me, I had to look my best for the occasion.

Here is a taste of what I wore:

I just can’t go wrong with my rocker tee’s I just love them and what’s better and the beach than my SAND loafers!


My QSW jacket and Banana Republic wool beanie kept me warm while I played with the kids.


And on our way home I rocked my Banana Republic Aviators which I love, love, love. And this American Apparel scarf is SO warm and cozy. I wear it for most travel trips I go on where I need to feel warm and cozy.