Pose'n For Werk

Yes I know work isn’t spelled werk but it just is NEVER work for me. I LOVE what I do. I don’t always note whether an outfit I’m posing in is for werk or not but thought I’d share a couple that were so you can see what it is I’m wearing…and of course..why.

This outfit was for a shopping session. I resurrected my JCrew pinstripe pants that have been hiding in my ‘other’ closet. The closet were I put items that just don’t ‘fit or feel good but might again’ are stored. You see these pants are suppose to fit like rather baggy and like I put on my boyfriends trousers. I LOVE the androgyny of a pin stripe. I then paired it with the ‘it’ color of a bright coral tank that I just bought. So excited about this color. And last I put on these T-strap shoes that have a great toe cap (so on trend) but I LOVE the POP of yellow too which goes so well with the navy and coral but makes this outfit even that more interesting. I felt sassy and so comfortable in this outfit which is great since I think I walked Washington Square about 4 times!




This was another shopping session. I always have to wear comfortable shoes since I’m doing a lot of running around and on this day it was cold and wet. I wanted to be warm but interesting. This H&M dress is knit and SO comfortable. I paired my biker boots with it and some textured tights. I had tried this look with my long hair but I like it better with my short hair. I don’t know why…biker boots just look great with short sassy hair. To add some color I paired my denim jacket with this outfit. It added not only the blue that compliments my coloring (better than just the black and cream) but the texture of the denim kept up with the textural story I was I was telling with my tights.