Pose'n in MY version of 'my sweats'

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I had a meeting and some errands to run this morning and I’m not feeling really well. All I wanted to do is crawl into a baggy pair of sweats, throw my hair in a messy bun and head out…but I would have felt worse because I would have looked like poo. So I put on my very comfortable boyfriend jeans, a cotton tank top (no bra because I don’t really need one and I didn’t want the restriction) and a very interesting, architectural sweatshirt that is as stylish as it is comfortable. Then I tossed on my suede booties that are super comfy on, put my hair in a combed pony tail, threw on some blush, bronzer and mascara to look alive and headed out. Took me about the same time it would if I’d put on those baggy sweats but I looked put together which was a good thing because I visited with one of my clients, and helped my friend pick out a ring from a couple of jeweler’s so I represented me and my style appropriately but still felt like I was in those baggy sweats. Mission accomplished!