Red White AND Blue for the 4th?

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I’ve had a few clients contact me over the past few days asking me if it’s OK to wear Red, White AND Blue on the 4th? My answer is..YES of course it’s okay! The fashion gods will NOT strike you down with lightning if you leave the house on the 4th rock’n your Red,White AND Blue..but IS it stylish? Not really.

It’s borderline cheesy. In likeness with heading to a holiday party sparkling more than a decorated tree or knocking on the door of Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dressed like a pilgram. Now if that’s your thing..than I’m NOT talking about you so stop ‘tsking’.  Rock your stripes.  Wear the American flag likeness with glory!

It can be adorable to dress your kids up too!  Go for it. Nothing cuter than little people in stars and stripes:)

But for me, if you’re looking to look festive but NOT like a wavy ‘Old Glory’ than just take one of those colors out of the equation. Rock a red and white stripe..grounded with a black instead of navy. Or navy and white and rock a yellow for a POP.

So if you prefer to leave the dressing up to your dog, than check out what I shopped for you below. Remember click on what you like to see where you can buy it.

Oh! And Happy Birthday America! Your ROCK!

Festive but NOT patriotic 4th of July Outfits