Rompers…are they for you?

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Rompers. Are they for everyone? What I love about them is they are an instant outfit. What I hate is they NEVER fit a tall person! The rise is always too short. But then again, I don’t have legs to rock and boy do you need toned legs to rock if you’re going to wear this style. Who can rock this style? The petite population! Rompers are SO cute on anyone under the heighth of 5’4″ who have legs to show off!
Now the question that still has waffling is ‘Are rompers appropriate for a woman of a certain age?’ I’d say..IF you can rock a romper and NOT look like you’re trying too hard than go for it! I have friends and clients who are over 40 who can KILL in a romper but I’ve also seen women who absolutely look ridiculous. You know who you are! So IF you can rock a romper here are some outfit suggestions.