Short Body/Long Legs, Long Body/Short Legs, Balanced

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Our body types are SO dynamic to each others. That’s why I get so frustrated with all the ‘Find your Body Type’ books out there. You can’t box someone in to be an ‘hourglass’ or ‘pear’,’rectangle’ or whatever because there are SO many other factors to consider, like balance. You can be an hourglass but both short bodied with long legs AND long bodied with short legs OR balanced. Each of these different factors can GREATLY effect the silhouettes that you should wear to FLATTER your figure.

Often, you can look in the mirror and see how your proportions are or while shopping, you can’t ever find pants long enough but tops are always too long (Short body/Long legs). But if you still aren’t sure, here is a way to figure it out…

1. You’re going to need some assistance from someone else.

2. You’ll need a metal (builders) measuring tape.

3. Measure your height in inches

4. Measure from you inner leg (crotch) to the floor. This is your inseam

5. Subtract the two= your body measurement

Body >Inseam = Long Body/Short Legs









Body <Inseam = Short Body/Long Legs










Body=Inseam (by 1 1/2″ or less)= Balanced