Soft, sustainable and stylish fashions

As a Professional Style Coach it’s my job to listen to my clients needs and they are not just needing comfort they are demanding comfort.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, nor do you need to wear your workout clothes to get the same comfort.  EcoVibe located on NW 23rd, provides soft, sustainable and stylish options that feel great ON but also flatter your body type whether your petite and straight shaped to curvy and tall and everything in between.

Here are some tips on how to find flatter but still get the comfortable feel that you demand.

Shape- Comfort may not always mean loosey goosey.  I mean, women live in their workout gear which isn’t loose fitting but actually quite fitted. What you’re looking for is movement. In this first look the cotton blend dress hugs the body perfectly, not too tight anywhere and not too loose. The soft fabric moves with the body for ultimate ease and comfort.


The jacket is vegan with a soft cotton collar which is so functional for the Pacific Northwest but the shape and style are so flattering for any shape.

My favorite element of this outfit has to be the leggings. They have an incredibly high waistline that sucks you in like a yoga pant but more stylish for ready-to-wear purposes.

Outfit details: ENTER DAHL10 for discount at checkout!

Cap Sleeve Midi Dress in Plum

High Waist Denim Floral Print Leggings

Vegan Leather Shawl Collar Jacket in Khaki


Flatter- In this second look I want to focus on the fact that what you wear should flatter your figure. I love how this soft turtleneck tunic tulips at the hem. This shows off more leg which compliments any body type but especially the petite.

Outfit details: ENTER DAHL10 for a discount at checkout

Drape Crossover Turtleneck Tunic in Forest Green

Super Soft Skinny Jeans in Dark Denim

Charcoal Wide Brim Wool Hat


Drape- For my last look I want to chat about how you your pieces drape on you as well as how to layer.

First of all the boxy pocketed dress has such drape to it it’s comfortably soft on your skin but skims over your shape in all the right spots so your figure is flattered

if you want to layer, I always recommend starting with the thinnest layer and building from there.  You also want your layers to skim your figure and not add bulk to where you may not want it.  The oversized boyfriend cardigan here isn’t too bulky and creates a nice flattering center front visual line that is slimming and that always flattering!

Outfit details: ENTER DAHL10 for a discount at checkout

Boxy Fit Pocket Dress

Open Front Long Pocket Cardigan

High Waist Tie-Dye Full Length Leggings

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  1. As always great information. I enjoyed watching and then rereading what you said with the visuals on your page. Really helpful.
    Going to my closet now to see if the few pieces I’ve added after my session with you work in the ways you’ve mentioned.

    Look forward to your next segment,

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