Stuck in a style rut? Here's how to update your look: Your Personal Stylist

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When you wake up in the morning and head to your closet, are you completely uninspired by what you face? Are you having panic attacks about what to put together or are you just grabbing what’s there, putting it on and not giving it much thought because if you did it would ruin your day? Whether you consider yourself fairly stylish or have never understood the meaning of ‘style’ you may want to update your look. But just how do you go about doing this? Here are some steps that might help you get the change you’re looking for.

ypsupdateonepiece.jpegUpdate your look one piece at a time

Change out ONE piece

Change is not easy but if we didn’t experience it, we wouldn’t evolve and what would the world be without evolution, so go for it! I’m not saying run out tomorrow and start buying everything that’s new and different. You’ll most likely end up looking and feeling like you’re in costume. Instead, if change doesn’t come easy, dip your toe in the waters of change and switch out just one piece of your outfit to a more contemporary style. For example, if at work you find that you wear a blazer with most of your outfits, try a different style of jacket like a waterfall leather jacket that fits like a blazer but has so much more style and interest.

ypsupdateallthesame.jpegUpdate your look by updating each of your favorite pieces

Get a new version of the same

We all have our ‘go to’ outfit. It’s that one that always fits, always feels good but it may not always be the most stylish. One way to update your look is to update the pieces. Try to find an updated version of each piece you love. Your favorite jeans, try another style of casual pants like a skinny (and stretchy) corduroy pant, a graphic tee shirt and instead of your hooded sweatshirt maybe a stylish cardigan. Avoid the shoes everyone is wearing and try to find a style that suits your needs but is unique and original. It’s not difficult to find, if you look. Oh and of course, stick to ‘The Five F’s’ (fit, flatter, function, feel good, and friendly) and you’ll be set.

ypsupdatecolor.jpegUpdate your style with COLOR


You may have great style, exquisite taste, yet you’re still stuck in a rut. I usually find this means you need to integrate some color into your wardrobe. Neutrals are great, and yes they all go together very well but it makes for a very uninteresting picture if color isn’t thrown into the mix a little, or a lot. Choose colors that you really like. If they don’t like you back than pop it in a handbag or in a skirt or pant which sits away from your face. Try color combinations as well. If you’re unsure about what looks good together, check out a pattern or painting that has multiple colors in it. Any pairing of these together will work.

ypsupdategetinspired.jpegUse social media as inspiration to update your look

Get Inspired

In the world of fashion bloggers and websites and apps like Pinterest and Polyvore, anyone can find inspiration. Pull a look that you like, even if it’s on a fashion model. Let it inspire you. Shop the pieces that look similar but will flatter your figure and work for your budget. I do this often myself. Even Personal Stylists get stuck in ruts.


Hire help

If you’re still coming up short or are afraid to get started on your own, then do what you do when the pipes break, or the roof needs repair, call a professional. Hiring a Personal Stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous anymore. I work with individuals from many different backgrounds. Learning what specifically works for you as an individual can change your entire outlook on what style means to you. And there is nothing better than seeing that light go on, and the excitement when an outfit fits, flatters and you see yourself, just a new way.

Check out my website at: to shop the looks.

Holiday parties are coming! Do you know what you’re going to wear? Next time, I’ll be shopping the local boutiques to find you the PERFECT outfit.