Stylish local raincoat options: Your Personal Stylist

Raincoat Portland OR

The Origami from Hillary Day, left, and Urbane Jacket from Nau, right

I can’t believe that I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life and do not own a raincoat. I have concluded this folly is because I refuse to buy something that I don’t love. And let’s face it, most rainwear is boring and not stylish.

So I set out to find raincoats that will keep me dry on the soccer field and satisfy my style requirements. I was pleased to discover some fabulous jackets as well as designers and brands located in our own backyard.


You already may be familiar with this sustainable and modern clothing company which started in Portland. Their mission is to offer clothing that will “protect you in every environment, from the forest floor to the wilds of the city.” And they achieve that quite stylishly. I love Nau’s clean and modern lines and the great fit. Nau jackets fit like they’ve been tailored to you while also allowing comfortable movement.

They offer great neutral options but also colors such as hemlock, which is an on trend green, and fade, which is a beautiful blue gray that is as versatile as black but more interesting.

My personal pick would be the Urbane Jacket in hemlock. I love the curve of the front placket, and the color is different but still neutral.

Find Nau jackets at local boutiques and online.

Layers Squared

Summer Pinnick of Layers Squared creates some beautifully designed pieces, but her Clyood Winter Heavy waxed canvas coat stands out as a wet weather must-have. Her design is modern and flattering. The lightweight waterproof fabric is comfortable and malleable, not stiff at all.

The jacket comes with a hood, which is often a requirement for many raincoat shoppers.

The coat comes in a perfect neutral gray but the poppy red option really caught my eye. In a sea of black raincoats, red makes an impressive statement.

Layers Squared can be found in a number of local boutiques and online.

Hillary Day

For an exceptional jacket that you could also wear it with your yoga gear, check out Hillary Day designs.

These waterproof jackets are classic and timeless. The imported fabric is incredibly chic, light and comfortable.

I call pieces that you’ll own for a lifetime “lifers,’ and Hillary Day’s jackets will be lifers in your wardrobe.

My  favorite is The Origami. It’s tailored and minimal with a meticulously designed collar and cuff. You could wear this coat to the grocery store and then to the opera.

Find Hillary Day coats at their Portland studio, 915 NW 19th Ave., Studio D or online.

When you are shopping for jackets, remember the Five Fs.  Your jacket must fit well, and fit over sweaters and other layers. The cut and color should flatter your shape and coloring. It must absolutely function for your needs, so if you need a hood, buy a jacket with a hood. You need to feel good in your jacket. And of course, the friendlier your jacket is with your wardrobe, the more use you’re going to get out of it.