Boot Shopping: Decoded

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Some of us women have ‘problems’  they aren’t problems we think we have, they are problems that our significant others think we have:)  Some have a ‘jewelry problem’, others a ‘purse problem’, me I have a ‘boot problem’.  Again, to me it’s not a problem but when my husband see’s a new Frye Boot box […]

Wet Wellies

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If the past week is any indication of how much rain we should expect this fall, well get your wellies and oars ready!DO: The Classic: Can’t go wrong with the classic. Choose the army green or black to keep it neutral OR have some FUN with a color! Just choose a color you can incorporate […]

A quickie on shortie boots

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I was out with a client of mine the other day and she had a question about short boots (they are so ON trend right now). She’d tried a number of different styles on but just hadn’t found a pair that looked right…but why?  After trying a pair of mid calf Frye’s on for me […]

BOJS: Boots Over Jeans Syndrome

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Okay ladies….this Personal Style Consultant has been stuck in a fashion rut.  Yes it too can happen to us.wink.  So in pondering what my deal is..just had a baby…still hanging on to the last 8 lbs…don’t like what’s out there…huh…what other excuse could I come up with..I realized that it was none of the above.  […]