SCORE! Blue 'Topaz' Earrings from Targey. Wink

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Check out Peanuts hand modeling skills! Check out what I scored at Target yesterday! I’ve been looking for Blue Topaz earrings and to find them for $9.99 at Targey! Sweet! These look so much more expensive because: The blue stone LOOKS authentic..not like plastic (which it is) The construction is per what you’d find at […]

Red White AND Blue for the 4th?

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I’ve had a few clients contact me over the past few days asking me if it’s OK to wear Red, White AND Blue on the 4th? My answer is..YES of course it’s okay! The fashion gods will NOT strike you down with lightning if you leave the house on the 4th rock’n your Red,White AND […]

Rompers…are they for you?

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Rompers. Are they for everyone? What I love about them is they are an instant outfit. What I hate is they NEVER fit a tall person! The rise is always too short. But then again, I don’t have legs to rock and boy do you need toned legs to rock if you’re going to wear […]

Face Shape and Earrings

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Yes there are rules to what earrings to wear.  It’s right next to your face…why wouldn’t there be:)  The basic rule to stick by is…avoid wearing the shape that your face is ex; round:round square: square, heart:heart etc.  The face shape that can rock any earring shape is oval and the shape of earring that […]

TOMS…the new Crocs?

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I am seeing the TOM’S flat shoe EVERYWHERE!  They are easy to put on, can be stylish, flashy and neutral but are they stylish? I say YES!  And I’m so pleased to see women and Mama’s rocking these instead of the crocs…even the ‘shoe’ style crocs.  The TOM’S flat is NOT chunky and sleek in […]