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Because of what I do for a living (Fashion Consultant) I have to subscribe to MANY magazines.  At any given time I have about 20 sitting around.  My husband started getting really irritated so I started ripping out the pictures of things that I liked and then putting them in plastic pockets and again in […]

The 'Oh Sh!t I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' shopping trip

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Been there?  Standing in front of your closet starring aimlessly at hanging items, not really focusing on anything specific because you know it’s not there.  The feeling of panic growing stronger and stronger.  The realization coming over you. You don’t want to have to face it but you have not choice.OH Sh!t I HAVE NOTHING […]

Planes, Trains and Cashmere

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So I’ve been hired to travel up to Seattle to do a Closet Consultation and some coordinating for a clients up coming trip.  I’ll be traveling by train three and half hours up and the three and half back.  It got me thinking about what I was going to wear.  I need to look professional, […]

I'm 32 not 23…..

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A subject was brought up with a recent client that I wanted to address.  ‘What do you do when you look 23 but really are 32?  I know BIIIIGGG freak’n problem right. Especially in a world when most of us are trying to look 23 again. wink.  But in the professional or dating world when […]