Coordinating Session: Melissa

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I really enjoy spending time with Melissa. She is so down to earth and authentic. We first met because she had a wardrobe filled with clothing but could never find anything to wear. When I got into her closet we found that in fact, she did have a lot of clothes but she was wearing […]

I play by YOUR rules!

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Yes, fit can have some rules but rules were made to be broken right!:) When I sit and meet with my clients I take in much more than what meets the eye. I listen, because personal style is just that, personal. I know what’s going to look good on your figure, what colors are going […]

A Dalicious Coordinating Session

RSS Tags | , client Dale. She’s been with me since almost the beginning! Where we came from and where we’re at…it’s like night and day. We started out with boxy suits and black mock turtlenecks and now she’s my muse, seriously, her style is inspiring. Dale isn’t really my client, she’s been family for me for years […]

Top'n it off with a CAPE

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One of the seasons biggest silhouette trends is the CAPE. Not just a cape jacket but there are cape sweaters and cape blouses, cape tunics. They’re kind of everywhere and for someone who makes a living trying to help women choose pieces that flatter their figures, this shape FREAKS ME OUT! Why. Well if you’re […]

Rompers…are they for you?

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Rompers. Are they for everyone? What I love about them is they are an instant outfit. What I hate is they NEVER fit a tall person! The rise is always too short. But then again, I don’t have legs to rock and boy do you need toned legs to rock if you’re going to wear […]