Pose'n: Thank you Shop Adorn

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I know many of you have noticed my latest obsession with Shop Adorn. You know when I find something that’s really special I get very excited. Well Shop Adorn is just that. This boutique is just super special. I never go in and find less then five things that I want and 3 things I […]

Pose'n on a Sunday

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Sunday’s I try to take ‘off’ meaning I try not to put too much thought into my outfit and I like to wear anything that is super duper comfy. This personifies this outfit. I had a day with my boys, running errands, visiting gram and playing with friends.   Source: pose.com via Sara Dahlquist of […]

Pose'n in my denim

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If you’re one of my clients you’ve heard my ‘present’ analogy and you know I love my denim. So you’ll understand why one day I’ll rock my flare denim and on the next, my skinnies and a tunic. I have to consciously try to NOT wear denim. It’s a problem…but don’t we all have a […]

Pose'n with my screaming child!

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Yes, style isn’t always glamorous, especially when you’re a Mom but I take pride in my appearance so I make sure I have a functional wardrobe that’s easy to throw on and go. Here is one of my favorite tunics I got from Sloan Boutique that I paired over my gray paige premium ankle denim […]

Pose'n: Many Shades of Boho

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My client today is a fellow Boho. Her style is a little more fields and flowers where as mine is a little more urban boho but boho we both are. Just proof that you can’t fit someone’s personal style in a category..it’s PERSONAL. And I’m loving the edge my new hair cut gives my style! […]

Pose'n in my Bohopolitan

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It’s 70 degrees again! Thank GOD! This Mama wants to rock a jersey maxi for all the run arounds, drop off’s I have to do today. This dress needs a little more help so I paired the Ms. Wood leather wrap belt with it and WHAM! Took it to the level I wanted and needed. […]

Pose'n the pieces I LOVE!

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Source: pose.com via Sara Dahlquist of on Pinterest   I love this skirt (vintage) love this belt (Ms. Wood from Adorn) LOVE these boots (vintage). Love my Wilfred charcoal gray thermal top. I was warm and comfortable, stylish and sassy. Check check and check!

Pose'n in MY version of 'my sweats'

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Source: pose.com via Sara Dahlquist of on Pinterest   I had a meeting and some errands to run this morning and I’m not feeling really well. All I wanted to do is crawl into a baggy pair of sweats, throw my hair in a messy bun and head out…but I would have felt worse because […]

Pose'n in my Gray Weather outfit today

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Woke up this morning to rain and COLD! What happened? Oh ya, this is Portland, duh. Wanted to look pulled together today but comfortable and WARM!!! My clients really inspire each of my outfits. I’ll put a lot of thought into who I’m meeting on a particular day and I’ll dress with them in mind. […]

Pose'n in my Pony Cardi…and Plaid Shirt…and Yes it WORKS!

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I don’t know how or why my pony cardigan works with my plaid shirt but I think it has something to do with the contrast of both color combinations as well as the scale of the patterns. Just try something new…because damnit…it may just work! Source: pose.com via Sara Dahlquist of on Pinterest