What’s your Oxford Style?

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The oxford is one of falls strongest shoe trends. They can accommodate any personal style if you shop smart. Here are my some of my favorite and affordable picks for a few of your style categories. Which one suits your personal style? Just click on the link to shop your look. The Classic Do you […]

D'Orsay for UNDER $100

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This style of shoe is the ‘it’ silhouette of spring and summer and I’m obsessed! Finally a flattering flat! D’Orsay for UNDER $100 by dahlstyle featuring vince camuto shoes

Fall Shoe Styles: How To Wear

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How to Wear: Ankle Wedges by dahlstyle featuring merino wool tights How to Wear: Flat Ankle Boots by dahlstyle featuring floral scarves How t Wear: Platform Loafer by dahlstyle featuring a paperbag skirt

TOMS…the new Crocs?

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I am seeing the TOM’S flat shoe EVERYWHERE!  They are easy to put on, can be stylish, flashy and neutral but are they stylish? I say YES!  And I’m so pleased to see women and Mama’s rocking these instead of the crocs…even the ‘shoe’ style crocs.  The TOM’S flat is NOT chunky and sleek in […]

For the love of my feet or suffer for fashion?

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A client of mine just posed this question to me and it’s one I hear SO often.  You don’t want to have to suffer in the shoes you wear, you want them to be comfortable, functional but for the benefit of what I do…please let them be stylish. The key point is this: You are […]

Boot Shopping: Decoded

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Some of us women have ‘problems’  they aren’t problems we think we have, they are problems that our significant others think we have:)  Some have a ‘jewelry problem’, others a ‘purse problem’, me I have a ‘boot problem’.  Again, to me it’s not a problem but when my husband see’s a new Frye Boot box […]