Tom has a Hounds Tooth!

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WHAT a great shoe!!! You’ll see hounds tooth on 5″ pumps and skinny pencil skirts in the magazines this fall, but how cool is it to find them on our favorite, wear them everywhere, TOMS! These can really be a great option to give your jeans and tee some personality! Check out how I coordinated […]

How to ROCK the latest colored pants…

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Ok when colored denim were ‘in’ in my day they were the color of Skittles and in an acid wash finish. Thank god, even though you can find that version, there is a more subdued and mellow version offered for those of us that have ‘been there and done that”. What I like about colored […]

Top'n it off with a CAPE

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One of the seasons biggest silhouette trends is the CAPE. Not just a cape jacket but there are cape sweaters and cape blouses, cape tunics. They’re kind of everywhere and for someone who makes a living trying to help women choose pieces that flatter their figures, this shape FREAKS ME OUT! Why. Well if you’re […]

1st Trimester Postpartum: What to Wear

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So you had a baby. Congrats. In your arms is a beautiful baby but what you’re left with in the mid body region is rarely described as beautiful and welcomed. I’m just coming out of this stage and I’ve been through it twice now. It SUCKS but I can shed some light on it for […]

For the love of my feet or suffer for fashion?

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A client of mine just posed this question to me and it’s one I hear SO often.  You don’t want to have to suffer in the shoes you wear, you want them to be comfortable, functional but for the benefit of what I do…please let them be stylish. The key point is this: You are […]

I'm 32 not 23…..

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A subject was brought up with a recent client that I wanted to address.  ‘What do you do when you look 23 but really are 32?  I know BIIIIGGG freak’n problem right. Especially in a world when most of us are trying to look 23 again. wink.  But in the professional or dating world when […]